Monday, March 03, 2008

Kids Birthday Parties

Leila had two more birthday parties last weekend. Last year we went to mostly home birthday parties, with the exception of Chucky Cheese parties. We saw 2 different princesses at those parties- Cinderella and Belle- and a magician.
This year, Leila has had two home birthday parties in moderately big homes. One had a polka-dot theme (very fun!) and the other was a princess tea party in an elegantly decorated dining room, where the 4 and 5 year-olds got to use real china teacups, and the 6-year-old brother danced with all of the little princesses. The rest of this year's parties have been venue parties. You'll remember the 3 Chucky Cheese parties. In addition, she's been to:
Slappy's Playhouse (the kids get to watch a show)
A gymnastics party
A paint your own pottery party
A swimming party
A bounce house party
They were all scads of fun, and minimal work for the parents. So, I started thinking, maybe this is the way to go this year. How much could it cost? ALOT! I'm not spending $160 minimum (closer to 200 or 300) on Leila's birthday party! HELP!!!
We always hold Leila's party at home and pray for good weather. Sometimes, like last year, our prayers weren't answered, so we crammed all the children and adults into our tiny house, and just ventured out for a muddy treasure hunt. The year before Leila had a dressup Princess party which we held partially outside, and the year before that was a teddy tea party which was outside. Her first birthday party was outside, too, but of course that was for our friends as most 1-year parties are.
Leila really liked the bounce house option, but most of the time she is happy to have a party at our house. The problem this year is that there are oodles of kids to invite. I need some ideas for themes, games, activities, etc. that we can do in the backyard if the weather is nice, and inside if it isn't. (Did I mention my house is tiny?) I anticipate about 12 kids, if not more, both boys and girls. And I'm very DIY. I'm trying to plan it for a weekend that my parents are in town. Won't that be fun Mom and Dad?
Update: This was our topic at dinner last night. I think we have decided on a "mariposa" theme, as in Barbie Mariposa. Leila really wanted mermaids, but that was sooo last year. We thought we can make wings and crowns when everyone arrives, and have a tent in the back yard, and a tea-party. I still need some good games though. Poor boys, I think they aren't going to be invited after all.


concretegodmother said...

good god! she's the party queen! i don't know; i'm all for outdoorsy crafts and things; like why not plant seeds into little pots or something? getting dirty is cool for girls, too. and then you get to send them home for their parents to clean up!

ha! can you tell i'm not a mom? i'll keep my ears open for good ideas.

concretegodmother said...

games? pin the antenna on the butterfly. make one up that has to do with cocoons. let's work in some education now! ;-)

Lomagirl said...

I like the cocoon idea. Hmmm. I'll have to think on that.
I don't think these kids play a lot of organized party games like we did.