Sunday, February 03, 2008

A "normal" mom

Today was the second of three Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties in 9 days. I took Leila, and we both got our hands stamped when we went in, for her security. When we were leaving, after a rip-roaring but noisy time, the door attendant could not read the stamp on my hand.
"Is this your mommy?" she asked Leila, who answered "yes."
Then I asked her, "Am I a good mommy?"
"No, you're a NORMAL mommy."
"I'm not a good mommy? I'm not the best mommy in the whole world?" I asked, aghast.
"A normal mommy IS the best mommy," she replied.


concretegodmother said...

Eeek! Chuck E. Cheese, twice in nine days? I'm still scarred from the single time I went there...six years ago. Ha! That says to me you're a *super* mommy! :-)

Lomagirl said...

Oh, no. I'm not going to most of these. I only go to the weekend parties. We sent L with the birthday girl on the first day, and this week I'm going to rope my mom, who is visiting, into going along. I've volunteered her to take several kids in.

some chick said...

if a normal mommy is the best mommy, i am SO in trouble.

although that's probably not true - i've never felt more vanilla in my life that i do right now.

Lomagirl said...

Hey, I love vanilla. It smells good, it goes with everything (as ice-cream) and it's really very exotic- think Madagascar! (the place, not the movie.)