Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29

I'm lodging an official protest, right now, with the way this works. Leap year means that we have a whole extra day in the year. Shouldn't that be a vacation day? Today shouldn't really be Friday. It should be "Leap day" and then tomorrow, we'll all go to work again. When we do the time shift with daylight savings, I actually got a whole free hour when I didn't have to do anything. It was FREE. (I watched T.V.) And when we switch back next week, I'll lose an hour. I won't get to sleep for as long as I want, or watch t.v. So, why don't we get this extra day free?
Update: It turns out the kids DID get the day off. I had no idea, though, so scrambled to get their lunches ready, and H took them to school to find no one there. Oh well. I guess the younger generation is getting it right!


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

A guy came through our neghborhood last night, stumping for a local political action group - he and I agreed that leap day should be in August, and always on a Friday, and sohuld be a national holiday so that we get a three day weekend.

Lomagirl said...

That sounds good, too. But I really need the day off in February. Last week it would have been especially nice.