Friday, February 29, 2008

Thoughts on this busy week

Today I ate one of those add water lunches. This one was good- pad thai soup. I'm amazed at how what appears to be so little in the cup expands to fill my tummy. The whole food dehydration food has always amazed me. When I was young, someone had a food dehydrator- I think they built it themselves. And we would sometimes borrow it to dry vegetables and browned hamburger meat. Food with all the water taken out of it weighed so much less, and allowed us to carry so much more with us on a single engine airplane. Out in the jungle my mom made a lot of soups because even though you are re-hydrating the vegetables with water, they are never quite the same. Soups just work better.
Some people used the dehydrator to dry mangoes- we never did much, as this required so much work. I loved them, though, and still seek out the dried mangoes at grocery stores- the ones that aren't perfectly uniform shapes and a bright orange color. Those aren't quite real. I prefer the messier looking ones, just like home.
Oh- this week has been busy. I still have loads to do. Leila said she didn't want me to go to work today as I always come home so late. Oh dear. I guess I better head home early today.
Yesterday's interview was okay. I don't feel like I shone. Part of the problem was that I knew all the people on the committee- some of them are close friends!- so I couldn't do my interview persona. I expected this some, but not completely. Then I had to do a teaching demo. This is always a little awkward, but it was doubly so with people I knew. How could we all take it seriously? Well, we tried.
Then I went home and crashed. No, wait, I have kids so I couldnt' crash! I cooked dinner, and they went to the park and then came home and whined! Somehow they were exhausted, too.

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