Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Interview 2

I got a second interview at top choice college. Oh, I'm nervous. I'll know the interviewers, but they won't be such close friends as the last ones.
I have to work on my ideas!


concretegodmother said...

whoo-hoo! way to go! i knew they'd love you! actually, though, it'll be easier in some ways not being interviewed by friends; you can work back into interview-persona again. you mentioned not really being able to do that with the friends. work on the ideas, of course, but i know you'll shine!

Lomagirl said...

Thanks for being so encouraging! I want to think of this as a chance to talk about my ideas rather than as trying to sell myself.

Lorenloo said...

congrats! yay! fingers crossed! when do you find out more?