Friday, October 05, 2012


Ali was doing some nose picking on the bed tonight and I told him to go and get a tissue and wash his hands. "Why does everyone have to be so clean all the time!" he complained, but complied.
Last night the hot water heater somehow got turned down to low, and when we got home from Tae Kwon Do, I told Ali to hustle into the shower, but warned him it would be cold. I guess it wasn't too bad, and he enjoyed it as much as he enjoys any shower, I guess. (Though it might have been a bit shorter than normal!)
Leila then insisted on taking a shower to wash her hair, today being picture day. It confused her- just turning on the hot water and not needing to add any cold, but she figured it out. Afterwards she confessed that she'd only washed her hair- not the rest of her- because it was way too cold! But I realized, she's going to one of those that's willing to suffer for beauty.
This morning I went to the assembly at school because Ali got a Very Major Award for being such a great kid at school.

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