Friday, November 02, 2012

What we've been up to

I'm sure you've missed me- right? right? Is this mic on?
We've been busy, but very, very productive. I have finished my Phd qualifying exams- with a pass!- and can now start on my proposal and dissertation. After the hell of exam prep, those seem like they'll be easy!
My oral exam was this afternoon, but I spent three 24 hour periods writing essays in response to questions emailed to me. I had organized my work schedule to only teach two days a week for the first eight weeks of the semester, so before that schedule ended I squeezed the three exams in, beginning 10 am on a Thursday, then doing the second one on Monday and the final one the next Thursday. I put off the orals till this week- two weeks later because we had to move.
Yes, move. Last week we were supposed to close on our new house on Thursday. However, the mortgage company wasn't on the ball, and a mistake the appraiser had made wasn't caught in time. Luckily, and barely, we managed to close and fund on Friday, which meant our planned in move date of that Sunday was possible. Well, theoretically. Friday was Eid, so not a lot of packing got done. Saturday we did pack, and then Sunday started the movie. It was H's turn to pull the all nighters packing, moving, and cleaning, but by Tuesday morning the old place was inhabitable. The new place is twice the size but seems smaller as all of our junk has expanded. I'll get everything put away eventually!
Sami turned one on Tuesday. we celebrated by returning the moving truck and going out for bbq- how Texan! He managed to gag/throw up at the restaurant, but then scarfed down most of a bowl of ice cream.
Wednesday was talen up with Halloween. I used trick-or-treating as a chance to meet our new neighbors and they seem quite nice, and a mix of ages. We also stopped by our old hood for old times' sake.
Meanwhile I'm back to teaching every day and one online, so the house may take awhile.

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Congrats on the qualifying exam pass!