Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Money is the root of all evil. And man needs roots."

These are just getting ridiculous! I'm not even a man!
But speaking of money- the kids are a bit funny with this. Leila has several gift cards for Target, and some cash, but she doesn't really think about spending it. Ali, on the other hand, gets an idea of something he'd like to buy, and then that's all he can think about. Last week he was trying to earn a couple more dollars to up his total to $30, which is what he thought a Pokemon DS game would cost him. I owed him some allowance, so he had enough. But then he found a stuffed Snivey (Pokemon) and decided he wanted that too. He has no concept of saving for the future, so he spent more money on that, even though I warned him he might want to spend that money on something else, later.
Sami would probably just eat any money given to him.

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