Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals."

Okay- after you've finished rolling around the floor laughing.... (me too!), I do have a couple of words to say.
Of course this relates to selling the house- perfection is now my goal everytime I leave the house, just in case there's a showing. I had my first taste of this this afternoon, as the house went on the market today. We were racing to get to Leila's indoor soccer game but I had to pick up a couple of things before we could leave, which means we were late.
Fortunately, the other team didn't show up because they got an email saying the game was canceled. We didn't. Instead, coach gave them a practice. We're all pretty over the league that we're playing in this summer. They've really messed things up for our team, and, while I don't expect perfection, I expect something a lot closer than what we're getting.
Generosity- H teaches me to be more generous. He loves to give. Lately, he's been giving everyone shoes from the warehouse where he's been helping out. The carpenter abandoned the project, and since H trained in carpentry, he said he'd take over.
You can check out our listing on* if you know our address. I'm not publishing it here! I took the pictures. Hopefully the realtor will have loaded higher res ones by tomorrow, as the ones that went up today are pretty small.
The sign went up in the yard last night, and it feels strange to drive up and see it.
*Ali said our house is for sale on ebay!


jo(e) said...

I think I'd choose generosity over perfection any day.

Lomagirl said...

Me, too!