Thursday, July 19, 2012

Current obsessions.

And I mean, OBSESSIONS!!!
Ali- Pokemon. At a friend's birthday party at a jump house, he spent a long time talking Pokemon to the teenager tending the trampolines. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Pokemon has his/her brain picked clean, and he spends hours with his friends playing on the ds, or playing with the figurines, or looking at cards. His were very organized until they fell on the floor. I would know more about them but I kind of tune out Pokemon information, just "uh-huing" at the right moment. A friend from Sweden was visiting with his family, and when Ali found out his son used to love Pokemon, he immediately latched onto him.
Leila- mermaids. She's watched every episode of an Australian show called H20, in which three girls happen upon a magical pool and become mermaids. In every episode they get wet, transform, and have to avoid detection. Today she wanted the scales off the Salmon* I was preparing for dinner in the hopes that by applying them to her legs she would one day just start growing a tail.
She also wants to buy a mermaid tail and/or find a magical pool.
Sami- the telephone. I'm afraid one day he's going to dial 911. He still loves the remote control, too. I got him his own cell phone and remote, but they are bright colored and clearly kids' toys. He wants the real thing. He also likes cords, and like everything else, they go straight to his mouth.
*Salmon deserves to be capitalized. Even on sale it's expensive!

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