Friday, June 29, 2012

"You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you."

Right now I have the opportunity to go to bed, which is fortunate, as I'm wiped out. Sami cried almsot the whole way home from our friends' house, as we hit every red light. We had to go and show them our new car, and take them some new shoes.
It's been a busy day. I had the opportunity to clean the house this morning as my college roomate was coming over with her baby, just two months younger than Sami. We had a lovely lunch, went to a baby store (They don't sell babies- just stuff for babies!),  and then said goodbye. Leila, Sami and I raced over to pick up Ali from his last day of Lego camp, and I had the opportunity to change Sami's leaky, stinky diaper. Then we drove out to where H has been working at a shoe warehouse and picked out new shoes for the whole family and some friends.
After a quick pizza dinner, we raced up to Frisco (you practically need a passport to visit) and hung out for a bit with our friends. I had the opportunity to watch Sami pull himself up to a standing position on the couch and the coffee table. He's getting better and better at it. The big secret is how he makes it from the middle of the room to the couch without actually crawling. He always does that when I'm not quite watching.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to grade papers, so I'll be doing that tomorrow morning.
I wonder what my fortune tomorrow will say?
Edited: I realized after I went to bed that I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday. Maybe that's what my fortune meant? But since I already felt like a winner, I didn't really need one.

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