Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Trust No One."

This fortune is funny for several reasons. One, I'm a very trusting person on some levels.Two, a Facebook friend recently posted that he had just had this affirmed for him, and his wife "liked" it. I commented that I thought it funny that his wife, the one person in the world he should trust the most, would "like" this. I don't think they got the humor in it.
But how awful would life be if we really went around trusting no one? Buying a new car gave me a taste of that. You can't trust the salespeople, and yet, you have to trust them. But when I met the woman that completed the sale of our car, I did trust her. (Though I didn't completely trust the man that made the deal with us over the phone.)
In any case, I'll trust my husband and my family and certain friends, but I'll also keep in mind that people can fail me. Luckily, I also trust in God.

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