Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Look for beauty in your trash."*

Beauty in my trash? Which trash? One of them is overflowing with dirty diapers- I changed 3 this morning before 10:00. Maybe the antiobiotic I started taking for my sinus infection is affecting the little guy.
If there is beauty in the kitchen trash, the kids may have accidently thrown away something.
Maybe there's beauty in the fact that I've gotten so many things thrown away in the last couple of weeks. Yeah- that's it.
Now, if it had said beauty in my garbage, I would have had to wax prosaic about the makeshift compost heap in the back yard...
*Excite daily fortune

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Loma Kath said...

I'm enjoying the musings on your fortunes... right now I predict mine would say "go eat lunch." I think I will!