Monday, October 06, 2008

spare parts and toothpaste

Ali cut his finger this week. I offered to put a bandaid on it, but he just wasn't satisified. "I want to take it off," he kept saying. I tried to explain that it needed to heal, but he just didn't get it. Why was the chin and stitches and er experience so easy for him, but a simple cut isn't?
I took him grocery shopping with me yesterday, and thought it might be a good time for him to pick out some toothpaste. (L dropped his in the trash accidently about a month ago, but never fished it out. Since I didn't know this, the trash got taken out with his toothpasted still in it.) We parked our cart in front of the kids toothpaste, and Ali commenced to look them over. After a few minutes he decided on the Thomas the Train toothpaste. Almost immediately he changed his mind. There weren't a lot of choices- Thomas, Go Diego Go, or Sponge Bob, or Dr. Suess. The others were all princesses or Bratzs. Then he decided on Diego. Then he decided against. By this time it was no longer fun, and he was crying. We decided to leave and go to another store. But halfway down another aisle he wanted to go back. "Which one are you going to get?" I asked. "Thomas." Just before we got to the shelf, I asked him again. "Diego," he said this time. I gave him to the count of 5 to get the tube and put it in the cart. I had to help him, but he managed. And, oops!, he changed his mind again. I picked up my poor, sobbing, screaming, boy, and carried him away, full of sympathy for all the parents with screaming children in the grocery store.
While he slept back at home, his sis and I picked up a tube of Little Einstein's toothpaste. He wasn't super impressed when we showed him, because he wanted rockets. "But it's called Rocket Berry," I enthused. And he did show it to our visitors last night, excited at last.

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