Thursday, October 09, 2008

God's messengers

Yesterday Leila saw a butterfly- "It's a message from God!" she exclaimed. "Who told you that?" I asked her. "You did," was the reply. "Oh. It's a BLESSING from God," I explained. Then I had to explain blessings.
In the car, she said, "I can feel God. But really it's just air. It feels good. Ouch."
Then we were talking about the election and the debates. "They fight," she said. Well, sort of, I tried to explain. I told her the names of the two big front runners. "Barack Obama," she repeated. "I hope he wins. I'm going to pray that he wins." And so she does, fervently.
Later that evening she sees them on t.v., and she thinks the voting is going on right now. I explain again to her that the voting is a long ways away, and we talk to Baba about her going with him to vote, just to see what it's like.

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