Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Both kids are sick. Leila didn't get to go to pre-k yesterday or today. I took them to the Dr. yesterday afternoon after a feverish weekend with some lethargy on her part (always a warning sign) and Ali fussing about his ears.
Turns out she has strep, and he has an ear infection (and probably a bit of strep, too.) So, it's antibiotic time. Of course, today Leila feels great. She's been doing lots of crafts. Her whole bedroom door is covered with them.
Today she told me very seriously, "I know taxi is a plant." I looked at her in puzzlement, and she ended up yelling at me. Then I remembered that she called cactus "taxi", and we both ended up laughing about it.

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concretegodmother said...

oh, no! suck! i used to get strep all the time when i was a kid. it's terrible! poor kids. and poor mom! hope everyone's recovery is speedy!