Friday, March 07, 2008

Texas Weather, again

So Monday wasn't the only snow of the year. Yesterday was a huge winter storm. When I got to my 1:00 class, it was sleeting/hailing (almost snow). When I left at almost 4, my car was covered, several inches deep, in snow. I had dropped the nice car off with H to take to the airport for a pick up, but then I worried about him and the kids, with him. They got home around 6. He said the ground was covered with snow out by the airport. Classes were canceled last night, as were tons of flights.
At 5 am we got a wakeup call to let me know that my college wouldn't open until 9 this morning. Great. That's what time I had to be here anyway. The problem was I couldn't find the number of the person I was supposed to call on the phone tree. I had to go into email and search in places that I keep scraps of paper, but no luck. I finally just decided to pray and go back to sleep. Luckily, it turns out someone had called her.

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