Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What the?

So I just got another email from this lady saying an application I had filled out for Leila was still incomplete. Now they need her ethnicity. My choices are: Am. Indian, Asian, Afr. Amer., Hispanic, or White. I wanted to write back and say- well, she definitely isn't Am. Indian or Asian. Or, her dad is from North Africa, but isn't black, and her mom is from Colombia, and is considered white, especially there where there are no "Hispanics" (just white, black, and Indian), and I'm just not sure what to choose. I really don't understand this ethnicity business. Obviously they don't want to ask her race, since that's a made up idea anyway. And if they are trying to get at her culture, then they need to put in a few more choices. How about a nice Other? That's what I always check. And if I have to specify, I like to write freckles.
Any ideas in what I should put her down for? (She's a hoot and a holler, for example.)


Lorenloo said...

danny says to tell them their form is incomplete, so there!

i'm sure they're coming from a place where they have to report on how diverse their school is, but their form is stupid. why doesn't it have an other box? their form is heinously limited. in addition to north africans/middle easterners, what about hawaiians? silly!

some chick said...

write, "mutt," and see what they do. though I like "freckles," too.

or just put "Texan."