Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mariposa Birthday Party

I posted on this yesterday, but I thought I'd make it part of Works For Me Wednesday- Backward's Edition so that I could get some good ideas.
I need ideas for a Mariposa Barbie birthday party in April that can be held in my backyard. My first problem is that my daughter only wants to invite girls. However, she's gone to several of the boys in her class' birthday parties. Is it okay to exclude them? Secondly, I just need ideas. I think I'm going to order the paint your own butterfly wings from Oriental Trading Company. After that, I don't know what. I've got a mom to make balloon animals and I can probably rope someone into face painting. I'd like to make floral garlands for the hair, but I don't know how.
So, hit me with your best ideas!


J said...

I just saw on a cooking show a girl's party where the cook made a 3 tiered cake (just used different sized round cake pans). She frosted it with pink frosting, then she put out dishes of pink and purple candy and let the girls decorate it before she cut it.

For my son's birthday in March I am making a pinata for the kids to have fun with. I found a recipe online for it, just do a search and see what you find. You can then decorate it with pink and purple crepe paper or let your daughter paint it.

Are you crafty at all? Maybe you can make a pin the wings on Mariposa picture?

Craft wire, ribbon and silk flowers would work to make the floral garlands/headbands.

That's all I have for now. Good luck.

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Don't feel obligated to invite boys just because your child went to their parties. The moms will understand (and will probably be relieved to have one less party to buy a gift for, make time to attend, etc.)

I had a princess party for my daughter when she turned five. I got a 12yo neighbor and her girlfriend to do makeup and fingernail polish (a great time filler while waiting for everyone to arrive.) Someone I know did the same thing but used high schoolers who wore their prom dresses! The girls (young and old) LOVED this!

We also played "Plant the Kiss on the Frog" (Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a hand-drawn poster of a frog, a blindfold, and red lipstick applied with Q-tips for sanitary reasons.)

Hope these help!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

One more thing: wire garland could easily be used to make headbands. Measure to fit, cut a couple of inches longer, twist together, and voila! You could tie on long lengths of curled ribbon to dress them up.

Lomagirl said...

j- thanks for the cake idea. I thought about a pinata. Wouldn't it be funny to see the girls bashing the bedoodles out of barbie? Okay, maybe we'll save that for her twenties feminist party.
mmamarino- I love the "kiss the frog" idea. In fact, I think various fairytale themed games would be good. I'll look for the wired garlands.

Mom2fur said...

Did you know that "Mariposa" is Spanish for butterfly? If you haven't planned the food yet, maybe you can find some simple recipes for Spanish-type food, like mini taco wraps. (Let the girls make their own, of course!)
Here is a link I found for making cute butterflies out of clothespins:
Good luck! I'm sure the party will be a big hit. And trust me...the boys don't even want to come to a girly Barbie party, anyway, LOL!

some chick said...

okay i have a game idea. give each pair of kids a roll of toilet paper and one of the kids has to "cocoon" the other one.

not super original, but kids love to unroll tp, and what better thing to do than to wrap another kid in it.

the first team to burst out and yell "I'm a butterfly!" wins.

some chick said...

ooh, craft idea! - you could find butterfly stencils at michaels and let them paint stencils on cheap t-shirts or small totes or bandannas purses or something.

Lomagirl said...

You all ROCK! I love the cocoon idea chick- Reminds of me of the wedding shower game of make the bride a dress out of tp. Somehow this seems more appropriate.
I'm trying to teach L to say Mariposa with the right accent, but somehow when it's about Barbie, even I say it wrong. I'll look for how to make clothespin butterflies, and I think the t-shirt is a great idea. I've already decided that L's birthday t-shirt this year will have wings on the back.

missy5400 said...

Ok my daughter wants the same theme. So the backyard will be Flutterfield, so decorate will flowers, pinks and purples and lots of glitter "thistle burst" and also, make sure you have tissue butterflies everywhere. Bubble machines are also fun.Snack idea- popcorn is "Flutter corn". Have the girls wear tutus so when they put on their head pieces and wings, they will feel like mariposa.
even princesses love PiƱatas , so get a butterfly or even the number she is turning.
Girls love to make jewery- bracelets, etc.

McCall said...

I just ordered Larvae from a butterfly nursery. These will be given away as party gifts to the children attending. Fun gift and the kids don't know they're learning about science and nature at the same time!