Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring Break Plans

Works For Me Wednesday- Backwards Edition: Any ideas on how to get a kid that is sleeping with his parents back into his own bed? Said kid wakes up whining for milk or a hand to scratch/hold during the wee hours, driving his mother and father to the brink of insanity and beyond!
He was sleeping by himself for a while, but came back into our bed during the cold of winter. Now I am done with it! Next week is my Spring Break, and this is one of my tasks: Get Ali, who is almost 3, into his own bed!
After that we'll tackle getting rid of his pacifier.


Meshellyn said...

A couple of ideas... Make sure said kid is sleeping in own bed for all naps... Possibly try sleeping on the floor next to the child's bed and having a slumber party for awhile. It may take a few nights or more, but if you can get them used to their own bed by doing this it would be worth it.

Good luck!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Just do it! Really, if you just start being firm about his bed being for him and your bed being for you, it will probably be done by the end of spring break. Don't give in. Every time he wanders back to your bed, replace him immediately and don't talk to him or entertain his needs for milk or whatever. It may take a few nights of some tears, but remember that it is worth it.

I have one child who still wakes up in the night reguarly, but she no longer comes and wakes us up too. She knows the rules and won't bother us unless she REALLY needs us.

Also, maybe you could get him a special new stuffed animal to cuddle with? Or a soft blankie. Not to add new comfort items but this might help with the next transition away from the pacifier too.

Good luck!

MamaToo said...

not rhetorical, here, but why do you want him in his own bed?

If it's because you can't sleep with him there, try transitioning him out of your bed. Start with a sleeping bag in your room, and move it down the hall.

If it's because he seems scared to be independent, tell him when it's okay to be in your bed - i.e. cuddle in the morning, or have story time there before bedtime. Show him a baby-monitor so he knows you'll hear if he's upset.

If it's because he doesn't sleep well in your bed, plan a "big boy" celebration day. Mark a date on the calendar and start counting down. Talk it up. On that day, have him call friends/grandparents to tell them about his "big boy bed." Draw pictures of the bedroom. Do lots of things to sufficiently get him tired (trips out, exercise, etc.) Give him a bedtime present - like new sheets or animal, or a change to his bedroom.

If it's because you don't like what others think of your parenting, than just tell others he's in his own bed and don't worry about it. He'll be out of there before high school. :)

If it's because you want your own space & time at night, then try moving other bedtime routines into his bed. Have him there for stories, or songs, or whatever you do before bed. Stay there until he's asleep if you need it.

We've transitioned two boys to their own beds. The less drama, the easier it is. Figure out your motivation & the solution will probably be clear. Good luck.

Lomagirl said...

Thanks for the tips. Mamatoo- knowing my motivation is important- I want my own space! I like the idea of a gift/lovey. So, I'm going to work on this this week. Thanks again.

loma Kath said...

Good luck, sis! you know my track record, C didn't leave our bed until she was about 8. Although there were many times I could get her back in her bed for a week... when I wasn't lazy. But then there'd be vacation or a cold or something that would bring her back to me again and suddenly I'd need self discipline in the middle of the night...all to say, we waited until she managed on her own!

Lomagirl said...

Hey. Nice name.