Saturday, January 05, 2008


In the pre-children years I took a fabulous trip to Mexico over Christmas break and returned with about 11 rolls of film. One day my purse, with all the film in it, disappeared. Gone were my black and white family shots in the Gardens, my Mexican cultural experiences in high def slides, and everything else I had taken. (Except for about 11 shots still in the camera.)
This year, while waiting for Shamu's show at SeaWorld to start, I decided to review some of my digital pics. Much to my suprise, the strange message- "no image in file" appeared where many of my pictures should have been. Unfortunately, (as I discovered later) I kept shooting.
I prayed, and hoped it was a camera glitch. However, I could not recover the files with the free programs I downloaded to my father's computer in Calif, and neither H (a computer guy) nor I could succeed in finding them with various programs that we ran today. So, I'll have to concede defeat. Once again, some of the memories of Christmas will just be in our heads.
So thanks to our extended- non-blood family in San Diego for the fabulous hosting- sorry we don't have pictures. And thanks to everyone for the fun of Christmas day and all the fabulous presents that the kids opened and played with. Keep those facial expressions in your minds!
Fortunately the family picture of all 14 of us survived the melee. (All the pictures fighting to keep their place on the SD card.)

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concretegodmother said...

OH NO!!! I'm horrified and saddened for you!

On the other hand, I'm often reminded of the Indigo Girls song ("Don't write it down; remember this in your head. Don't take a picture; remember this in your heart."). Being the writer and photographer that I am, I have a hard time following those directions...and yet I see their value, too. I guess it's good exercise for us to keep our memories sharp.

But still...I'm sorry for the loss of the photos just the same.