Saturday, December 01, 2007

Things that Leila has said lately

I gave her a fun snack one day- a juice box and goldfish in her lunchbox, and then strawberries.
She ran into the kitchen. "You're the bestest Mommy. This is the bestest snack in the world." I got a big hug. "Do you know who eats the bestest food?" "Who?" "God."

To her Tio Scott on the phone, after a brief conversation. "Can you talke to my mom again? Because my forehead is getting hot." She hands it to me. "Oh phew," she says, wiping her hand across her forehead.
A little later: "Can I talk to Tio Scott again?" I hand her the phone. "And I can even Cha, cha, cha dance. Well, really just cha."

"Everyone likes reading. It's the most fun thing in the whole wide world."

This morning I got a lecture:
"Why did you flush the toilet? I needed to pee. You wasted water. Don't do that again."

and then, the big talk.
Leila: Do you think Santa's real?
Mommy: What do you think?
L: I think he's real. What do you think?
M: I think he's as real as you think he is.
L: No. You don't think he's real.
M: Okay. I don't think he's real.
L: Well, if the tooth fairy is real...
M: Do you think the tooth fairy is real?
L: Yes. If the tooth fairy is real, then Santa is real.
She's certainly got logic!

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