Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ali talk

Here are some funny things Ali has said in the past few months. I've scrawled them on a notepad but haven't gotten them up here.
Sitting outside one night, looking up at the sky, he whispered in my ear (stage whisper) "The moon's sleeping, Okay?" He repeated this again and again. Then, "Wake up moon!"

Another night at Kroger's
"Moon, moon," he called, jumping up to try to catch it. "It's upstairs," he says. "It's in the sky."

After a very long bath, he looks at his hands and says, "I'm wrinkled." Then he glimpses my pearl necklace, "I like. It's a rainbow."

Mommy: Did you go to the store with Baba?
Ali: Yes.
Mommy: What did you buy?
Ali, holding his hand out to tick the list off on his fingers: Turkey, more turkey. Mmmmm. More turkey.

"I'm Alec, Leila. You're Claire."

I'd been trying to teach Ali to say "I'm gorgeous" when someone told him he was cute. (Because he always says "no.") It had been a while, and I didn't know if he remembered.
Mommy: Ali, are you cute?
Ali: No.
Mommy: What are you?
Ali: I'm Alec.
Mommy: Is Alec a cute boy?
Ali: No.

In the bathtub, playing with a cup and a piece of foam, broken off a bathtub letter:
"I got a fish."

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