Sunday, December 09, 2007

time out

Ali gave himself a time out today. I didn't know why. He came into the bedroom and was mumbling about something, and I finally understood he was asking for a time out. I told him to go and sit in the chair in the kitchen, and he did. Then he came back in and asked to watch his show. I'd put one on for him, so I couldn't figure out what he wanted. Then I went out and found that he had turned the t.v. off. Since I'd given Leila a time out when she had pushed a button the t.v., Ali decided that he needed one, too. Leila's time out, however, was because she wasn't listening to me.
Later I found that Ali had written on the chaise with a marker, so that did deserve at time out. When I asked him about his earlier time out, he said something about writing on paper. Usually he gets a time out when he writes on the walls or the floor and we talk about needing to write on paper. So it's sort of sinking in.
Leila, on the other hand....

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