Thursday, May 03, 2007

work faster

I'm actually working as fast as I can right now- (not RIGHT now, but these days) to finish the semester and get ready for the May term classes and vacation, but someone doesn't think I'm working fast enough.
Last night Leila didn't want to go to bed. "I'm not tired, Mommy. Look at my eyes," she said, and opened her eyes wide. I tell her sometimes that her eyes are showing me how tired she is. I'm talking about the dark circles she gets, but she doesn't know that.
She went to bed, but couldn't sleep. She was thinking about the nightmare she'd had two nights before, where a monster in the tv pulled her in. I told her she was watching too much t.v., but she didn't think so.
So last night she wanted me to come and sleep with her. I said I had to work, but when I finished I'd come. She said- "Work fast, Mommy."I went into my bedroom and was working on the lap top with the t.v. on. She then complained that she couldn't sleep because of all the noise. I turned off the t.v.s that weren't being watched (2- Ali fell asleep in front of a video) and turned mine down. Then she said, "You aren't working fast, Mommy." Finally she fell asleep, and I did go in and sleep with her. I also can't always sleep if she's awake, so I tell her to go to sleep.
Another conversation, pointing to my chest area:
"What's that Mommy?"
"It's cleavage."
"What's it for?"
Hmm. Good question.


some chick said...

well, I could think of a few things.

judah calls breasts "big nipples."

gaileygirl said...

I love this. Yeah, one of Emma's very first sentences was "Daddy's nipples don't work."