Sunday, April 29, 2007


This morning I got the kids cereal and crawled back in bed. I heard Leila start to pray for breakfast- "God our father, God our father, hear our prayer, hear our prayer. We thank you for our blessings, we thank you for our fruitloops snack, amen, amen." This is a prayer from school and she loves it. One of the fun things is surprising me with what she's going to say after blessings-she delights in tricking me.
At night she says her prayers, "Thank you God for keeping me safe, and teddy, sweetie teddy, groovy girl and the wicked witch (all of whom are tucked up in the covers with her) are gonna keep me safe." She'll add something about her night light, and then she'll say "And Mommy's gonna sleep with me." Which prayer is only sometimes answered- I'd feel guilty, but it doesn't seem to affect her faith when it isn't answered every time. I'll then add my prayer- but I can't repeat anything she's prayed for, or she'll tell me that she's already prayed it.
The other night I added my prayer that we'd get rid of our flea infestation, and she added "so we don't get sick!"

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