Monday, May 07, 2007

Good book

One of the mother's from Leila's dance class recommended the best book a few weeks ago- Zenzele. I highly recommend it. She was reading it for book club and said it made her think of me.
It's a novel written from the viewpoint of a mother whose grown daughter is leaving Zimbabwe to study in America. It gives such a good perspective on post colonial Africa- that of the actual African living it. The form of the book is a letter written to her daughter, but the story of the mother runs throughout.
I've just finished the section on her description of the "brain drain"- where young African men and women go abroad to study, lose their cultural way, and never return, to the disappointment of the community waiting for them.
When I see my students coming here to study English with plans to complete a degree and then return home, I worry that this will happen to them. The narrator blames herself and the community for not preparing the young people better. I want to have my students read this.

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