Monday, March 05, 2007


Ali has learned to open the glass outside door by himself. One day I ran through the house looking for him, panic growing, and Leila said he was in the backyard. (She meant the front yard.) Sure enough, there he was playing in the garden. He did it again the other day when I was right there, so I retrieved him and said "No," very firmly. He cried. I locked the door.
When I take something away from him he cries and puts his head in his hands and then down on the floor or the couch and just carries on at the injustice of it all. He's very dramatic, just like his sister. I've started laughing when he does this, which isn't very funny to him.
At bath time, both he and Leila wanted the cup to play with. I hid it, and he started carrying on. So I pretended to eat their bath toys, and they were soon both laughing. I have to remember to use positive things instead of being annoyed by it all.

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