Tuesday, March 06, 2007


was such a nice day that we went to the park, the whole family. It's such fun to walk down the street with H pushing Ali in the stroller and Leila holding my hand. I'm learning to carry on two conversations at once, with H and Leila. Ali just rides.
The park was busy when we arrived, so as soon as a swing opened up, Leila went over. She was struggling to get up, but when I tried to help her she told me she could do it herself. Soon she was soaring up very high. Ali wanted to swing, too, so I got him seated in the curved rubber and pushed him a little. Later they both started going down the slide. Ali loves climbing up and going down. Some other kids were rough housing at the top, so I told them to stop and then their mom did, too. Another kid threw dirt at his sister coming down the slide, so I told him to stop and made him clean up the slide. His sister said it was all right, but I told her it wasn't because my kids were using the slide, too. Then I told her that she needed to stop crawling up the slide because Ali was waiting to come down. I did that one pretty nicely, but I was being super bossy mom- no messing around when you are endangering my kids! Another day in the park I told some little boys- around 5 or 6- to stop saying bad words in front of my kids. They did.
Oh, I almost forgot- Leila gave me the lgbc lent book to read to her, and as I was reading she pointed to God and said, "G-O-D spells God." Wow! She's reading! I asked who told her and she said, "Grandma." Then she tried to find all the other Gods on the page- "there's a God, and there's a God," like every word referred to a different diety.

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Lorenloo said...

what a big girl! her own sandwhiches and swinging on her own and reading! how awesome! she was so cute and funny at the party in tx, bringing everyone plates-i think she was a more attentive hostess than i was :). i think it's ok to boss kids whose parents aren't there, especially if they're being jerks.