Monday, March 05, 2007

Since it's been so long

since I last posted, I thought I better put up a couple of things about the kids.
There must have been something in the video that Leila watched about pregnancy, or she's really paying attention to the pregnant ladies at church, because she told me this on the way home:
"When you eat a lot you get a baby in your tummy."
I told her that God puts the baby in the tummy. (I'm starting young on this Catholic theology.) Then she said "He put one in my tummy." (She often says she has a baby in her tummy.) I told her that he put babies in grownup tummies. Then she said- "I'm going to eat the baby, but maybe the baby won't like that." Indeed.
Yesterday we were watching part of Contact on TV, and I didn't think she understood what was going on. Right after the space transporter thing explodes (it wasn't graphic) she turns to me and says, "We have to kill all the bad guys." I told her we didn't want to kill people, that even bad people had some good in them. She thought because they were bad it was necessary.
Ali talks a lot. Leila was telling H that Ali was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing, and then he started in with his own complaints. They weren't clear, but he does get that if sister tells on him, then he can tell on her. He says "Lala" alot, and he'll say it while he's pointing to her toys. The funniest thing is how clear he is with the constant "ba" in his mouth.

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