Thursday, June 29, 2006

I found some notes I was supposed to blog on in May!

Okay, I'm blogging these not because they are news, but because this is my record of what my kids are doing when.
From April/May
When Leila sees a tag, any tag, on clothing, she says: $2.99, even if it's washing instructions.
What time is it? 10 o'clock she'll answer.
Even the pony tail was an issue back then- she wouldn't cuddle me if she had a "pony pony" since it might mess it up, and she fussed that it had to be higher and higher till I got it just right. (Note: in June, she likes it low on her neck.)
Finally, I thoughI blogged this- we went to a wedding in May and the groom was a black man. Leila played a little with his niece, and we sat next to Joy and her husband David, who is also black, and their little boy. The next day, Joy, David and Titus were at our house and Leila came up and said, "What color am I?" I asked her what color she thought she was, and she didn't know. Then I asked if she was asking because of David and Titus. She said yes, so I explained that she was flesh colored, and they were, too. She was content and went off before I could explain further.
Now we talk about it sometimes. Last night Andrea was over for dinner and he and I were talking about being Black and White, so I brought it up with her again. The strange thing about it all is that she's seen Andrea once a week for at least a year, and she sees our friend Ben who is black-black from Ghana pretty frequently. I guess she was just ready to notice.
Now if you've read this somewhere else on my blog, forgive me. I couldn't find it, but I was sure I'd written it before.


Kiwijasmyn said...

the craft fair is in Garland somwhere..I'm going to find out for sure today, I'll let you know when i know. take care

Kiwijasmyn said...

July 1-2 & 4, 2006 - FESTIVAL - Garland: Star Spangled 4th. Let us capture your imagination, wow you with the spectacle, and create memories for a lifetime. Welcome to Garland's award-winning Star Spangled 4th celebration, a five-day extravaganza in historical downtown Garland featuring music, food, crafts, and non-stop entertainment for all ages. Don't miss our spectacular evening parade, exciting midway, arts and crafts, auto show, motorcycle show, and more. Nightly choreographed fireworks and laser and light shows. Fun exhibits and attractions. Cost: Free admission and parking. Location: Historic Downtown Garland. Region: Texas Prairies and Lakes. For more information, or call (972) 205-2807 or toll-free (888) 879-0264. Please mention this listing when inquiring. Held annually during the 4th of July holiday

Kiwijasmyn said...

Don't worry about it. I left my kids at home and honestly if I hadn't been able to do that, it wouldn't have happened :) No worries girl, it sounds like there will be more to come...

By the way, we miss you guys :) Can't wait to see you again.

some chick said...

anytime judah sees anything written, numbers, letters, doesn't matter, she says, "six, nine, seven eight nine!"

sometimes she gets it right.