Friday, April 21, 2006

What I hand wrote, painfully, on my birthday...

Which was over a month ago. I couldn't be in my office because I was subbing for a friend. Why, was I so silly to offer to sub on my b'day?

Leila- First thing she says to me this morning- Mommy, we're gonna have a party and my computer.... Not een good morning, just launches right into her wonderful stream of conciousness. I'm naked, straight out of the shower. (How does she do that without coffee?)
Last night (March 19) Gretchen, her mom, Papa and Benny came over for cake and brought champagne. I had picked up a tres leches from Fiesta-my favorite.
Benny and Leila were running around screaming at the top of their lungs. We were trying to get them stop but they wouldn't. Finally I got to L. The next time they came running up the hall only Benny was screaming. I was so proud of her self control and obedience.
Ali was sitting up in bed the other day when I went in after his nap. He's getting to be quite a scoocher. He sits with one leg bent under him and the other leg out in front, and pulls himself forward with his hands. This is much better than the backward belly slide of a week or two ago that kept getting him under the chaise longue. He was so fussy last night- part congestion, maybe part champagne. He made kissing noises.

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