Friday, April 28, 2006

Throwing up

My brother once told me that when it's your kid throwing up, it doesn't bother you. Yeah, right. It sure bothers me when it's a 3 am and it happens again and again. Last night it was Ali. I woke up and realized he was throwing up and turned him to his side so he wouldn't choke. In my sleepy state I didn't think about the fact that he was throwing up all over the bed that we share. I cleaned him up while H cleaned up the bed (our typical duties, luckily.) Then we put a towel down, got back into bed and Ali wanted to nurse. I let him, he threw up again. We both got up again, I cleaned up Ali, H cleaned up the bed. I got a towel, and we lay down again. Then it happened again. The final time I figured it must be the breastmilk, so I tried to get Ali to take his paci; he wouldn't. It was him crying or me giving in, and I gave. We all went back to sleep with no problems. At one point, when I went into Leila's room to get a new shirt for Ali, she sat up in bed and said, "I can't find my picture." I just told her to go back to sleep.
Last Sunday it was Leila who was sick. I went over to tell her goodbye, on my way to a baby shower, and she threw up into her bowl of couscous. Neat catch. I put her in the shower and had her lied down for a while, but she was really fine. She played with the neighbor girl and ran around like crazy, and then later threw up again, this time all over the couch- oops. Luckily I got to clean her up and H got the couch. She had been complaining about her stomach hurting her, and she'd had a long, atypical morning nap. WHo knows what it was. She was fine the next day.
Ali has learned to wave goodbye. In the morning when I go off to work I say "Bye-bye" and he moves his hand. However, when I'm holding him and I say "Bye-bye," he looks at me as if to say, "you aren't going anywhere. This doesn't make sense." And he's right.
Leila continues to dress up and say "I'm not Leila, I'm Cinderella." Other times she says to me, "you don't know my friends," and she didn't want me to talk to them when I dropped her off at school. She calls them on her play phone and has long conversations. When something happens she'll say, in a rather threatening way, "I'm going to tell my friends." THe other day at Easter brunch she made us all laugh as she walked around talking on her phone with her arms gesturing, sounding like a harried business woman.

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