Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mothers day

Today Leila had a special presentation at school for mother's day. It was great. We gathered in the sanctuary. The children came in and lined up on the stage. I saw Leila looking around for me and she was so happy when she saw me. We blew each other kisses. Then they sang a variety of songs. The theme was "Wild about Mom" so they sang Wild Thing and In the Jungle. It was great. I think the song that Leila has been singing and saying was Arabic is the owumbawe from In the Jungle. After the singing we had a tea with "jungle juice" and sandwiches. Leila ate all of her food. They'd made all these decorations and some presents- a bag with her picture and a "framed" picture with magnets. It's so fun to be a mom!
Well, it wasn't earlier this week when Ali was being such a pill. After having a fever on Saturday night, he cried until about 1 on Sunday night, then I dosed him with Motrin so he slept till 6 and then woke up crying again. He woke up fussing on Tuesday morning, early, too. Last night I feel like I finally got some sleep. I don't know if it's his new teeth coming in on the top and bottom or if he's had a sore throat.
H has planted the bedding plants I bought in the front garden. I wanted to, but things have been so hectic. I had to finish my philosophy of teaching paper on Sunday, and Friday my semantics paper was due. Now I only have a pragmatics paper due. I've been thinking about taking a class this summer, and I've even applied to UTD again, but I don't know if I want to. Anyway, H has also planted some sunflowers, the jasmine, and I think squash, in the front garden. I don't know how this is going to add "curb appeal."
I'm waiting to hear from the schools in California. I want Glendale and LA to call for interviews before we leave on vacation!
There was something I wanted to post about Leila, but of course, I can't remember.

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