Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Potty trained!

Leila is totally potty trained now. Actually, that's not true. She's totally potty proficient, but nobody really trained her. We encouraged her and she did it by herself. About three weeks ago now, I guess. A few weeks ago I had some people over to the house, and of course, Leila has to poop on the potty while they are there. It's a long process, but when she was finished she came out and announced to everyone "I pooped on the potty" and they all applauded. My parents came to stay for a week, and Leila was using the potty the whole time with her pull up diapers remaining dry, so that Saturday she started wearing panties, and she told my mother she was now a grownup since she wore panties like grownups. On Sunday I went to Target and got her the Dora the Explorer doll that I had promised to get her when she only used the potty and didn't wear diapers any more. She's done really well. She had a couple of accidents but no big deal.
Before my parents left we all got to attend Leila's concert at school. I asked her what songs she was going to sing and she said the "wiggles" song and "I like to move it." Mostly they did motions to the songs and if they sang we couldn't hear it over the canned music. That was a disappointment. When Leila's class came back in for the finale, she was wailing. I went and got her and found it was because they'd been watching a video and she hadn't finished. When she stopped crying she joined the group on stage. After the finale she started up again, so I carried her back to her room.
Ali is a scoocher. He moves all over the living room, and often ends up under the chaise because he's usually moving backwards. Or, he'll launch himself forward from a sitting position so that's he's extended on his stomach and can reach something, but then he'll usually end up fussin because he can't get off his stomach. He likes to pull the placemat off Leila's little table, and he'll reach for her water or other dishes. One day I found him half lying down, with both his arms holding him half raised up on the table. He wasn't happy about being in that position.
H takes him outside in this great weather we're having but has to be sure he has a pacifier in his mouth or he'll eat the grass. He loves sitting there, though.
Leila is just busy, busy. She's always having tea parties. They had one at school and then she and Grandma had some, too. She'll get out her plastic cups and bowls by herself, pushing a chair over to the cupboard. (She knocked a cheap IKEA cup out and broke it.) And she'll load the dishes up with teddy bear grahams if she can get them, or just pieces of banana. She's really running through bananas, and noone else wants to eat them when she's done.
My new attitude about people at work is to let their nastiness just roll off my back. Of course, that's easier said then done, and sometimes it feels like I should at least go home and complain about it so that my suffering is not gone unappreciated, but of course, hashing over everything is what makes me suffer.
The good news is that jobs are springing up like the daffodils are. Everytime I drove by Glendale College when I was out there at Christmas I thought positive thoughts, prayed, and crossed my fingers that an ESL job would open up there and it would be mine! Well, the first part has happened. We'll see if I get it. I've also applied to Pasadena, and I keep applying to everything that opens up here. So everyone, positive thoughts, positive thoughts (and deep prayer) that Cynthia will be faculty by fall! (Somewhere, anywhere.)


Julie said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on the potty proficiency! We'll be praying with open hands about you becoming faculty by fall. We'd really prefer to stipulate that that happen locally, but we won't.

Lorenloo said...

what??? glendale? pasadena? are you in LA? EMAIL ME, lady! let's hang out! i'm so psyched!

Lorenloo said...

oh...i see upon rereading this that you were in glendale awhile back. but i can bike there! let me rephrase to say that i am so psyched ::at the possibility of you moving out here::. haha-all the texans to california.