Sunday, March 12, 2006

dancing and Leila's sayings

Sleeping is like this very slow Martha Graham dance, where Ali starts out curled up in the fetal position, and fifteen minutes later he's on his back with both arms flung over his head and his legs wide apart. In another fifteen minutes he'll be in a new position. The music he's dancing to is so quiet and slow, only he hears it.
Leila is feeling very protective to him when she wants to. Last night she cuddled him next to her and said "I think he wants boob. Like me. He wants my boob." I persuaded him that he only needed his pacifier.
When we came out of church it was dark and she said "It's night. The sky is sleeping." And another time, when we were driving, she asked in a completely innocent voice, "Are you driving me crazy, Mom?" like it was our destination. And sometimes it is.
I'll ask her to do something and she won't, so I'll start to count. Sometimes she leaps into action, though it's an empty threat. I don't do anything at "3". Usually, I start to count, and then I'll ask her what comes next, and she'll tell me "3" and the tension will have dissapated for both of us as I'm reminded that it probably isn't that important, and she is interacting with me which is probably what she wants, and then she usually goes and does whatever it is. I wonder if ALi is going to be this easy? (Of course, other times I decide to get mad, and then she cries and tries to hug and kiss me and say she's sorry so that I will favor her again.)
Ali seemed like the easiest baby, but he's gotten to be a fusser. I don't know if it's because we don't rush to pick him up sometimes as we never did with Leila, or because he has an ear infection still. He went through two rounds of antiobiotics but he still tugs at his ear and fusses when it's time to sleep. I need to get one of those ear scopes that drs have.

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