Sunday, February 19, 2006


Huge disappointment- I just opened an email from the director of the ICWA and I'm not the kind of person they are looking for for their fellowships. It sounded so open and perfect for me- They don't care about citizenship or kids or specific education, or so I thought. I guess they do want someone who speaks the language of the country and has a different goal than I did. I wanted a fellowship to go to Tunisia for two years and study women's issues there. Probably if I had said Libya or Algeria and spoken Arabic I would have been a shoe in. Or, I could have chosen Venezuela. The letter said something about a troubled part of the world. Their web site needs to give more information.
Well, I guess that's it then. I'll have to figure out something else. Luckily I've got my finger in lots of pies here.

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Lorenloo said...

sorry the fellowship didn't work out! it's a bummer to spend a lot of time crafting an awesome plan and then not be able to pursue it (through that way, any way).

are you thinking of moving to LA?