Wednesday, February 15, 2006


did you notice that my recent posts have all begun that way? If I had a writing teacher, I'd probably get docked for that, but since I am a writing teacher, I'll break the rules. The kids are both sick. Luckily H took them to the dr. yesterday because they both have ear infections. Leila was running a fever and Ali was fussy, so it made sense to take both of them. Lucky thing, since they didn't know they were supposed to be tugging at their ears or complaining of pain there.
Ali is terrible to give medicine to. He even manages to gag it up. Leila is great, always has been, I think. This morning she told me she takes her medicine because it makes her feel better.
Oh, and yesterday I found this fantatistic pin that she had made at preschool for me. I love it and wore it to work where I got lots of compliments. I think I'll wear it again this week.
Last night I set Ali on the floor, sitting up. A little later I looked over and he was still sitting up, but facing in the opposite direction. I peeled some potatoes, and since he was fussing or talking looked over and found him lying on his stomach almost at the wall. He thought it was great fun to slide around and clean up the dust bunnies where the chaise had been. But, he had a major poop so I had to pop him in the bath. He loves being in there with Leila, who enjoys sharing with him, too. Good thing, since that's why we had him. (Not for the bath but to be give her some company. And also because we wanted a baby just like him.)

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