Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So, the cool thing is I have a new friend, and it's just happened rather suddenly, but also not. I've known this person for a while, and in fact, didn't really like her when I first met her, which I should know by now is a sign that we will become great friends. She was my boss but helped me move along to another place so now we can chat with no overtones and just have fun. And it's so nice. Although I have lots of friends right now, I don't see all of them very often, so it's nice to have someone to chat with at work about non work things, and then do social things with too. Haven't had that since another, unmentioned work girl friend dumped me!
And speaking of friends, I was complaining to someone a few years ago about not having enough friends and wanting to have enough friends to invite to dinner to celebrate my birthday. (This was probably in January.) By the summer I had three different people offer to take us to the airport (which in my book is a sign of good friends). So, friends are really nice to have, but only if they are genuinely nice people who aren't going to stab you in the back with the fork they've just eaten a dinner that you cooked for them with.
Thanks for reading this friends!

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