Thursday, October 13, 2005

The kids

Poor Leila leads a very boring life. She doesn't get to go many places- the store, the doctor, Mother's day out "school". Today she told me "I'm going to school. I'm not going to doctor." Yesterday morning she was pretty funny. She came into the bathroom to see me and touched the toilet and said, very seriously, "It's very, very dangerous." I t0ld her it wasn't dangerous, so then she touched the sink and said "It's very, very dangerous. Don't touch Mommy." Maybe this explains her reluctance to potty train.I put on a full skirt, so she identified me as a princess. Then she had to put on a dress and we had to dance. When I got home I changed into my lounging pajamas to keep my work clothes nice (Good thing since Ali promptly puked on my shirt). "You're not a princess" Leila told me- but she still was in her pretty dress.
Leila likes to pretend to be her cousin. Lately she's been Claire mostly. I have to tell Claire to do things, not Leila, but then she does them cheerfully. Yesterday I was Grandma.
Ali just continues to enjoy life, laughing his ass off whenever possible.
When H took him for his 4 month checkup, the dr. said we had to wash his penis a special way. I got mad when I heard that because at his 2 month checkup I had specifically asked the dr. if we needed to clean it any special way and he looked at me like I was the strangest person in the universe and said "no." What an idiot! Anyway, now the cleaning is being done right and everything is fine. Luckily H usually takes the kids in.

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