Wednesday, October 19, 2005


A strong whiff of banana just now brought an image of the parrot we had when I was a child. He always got the bananas that had ripened beyond what we wanted to eat. We kept the bananas on the top shelf of a wire doored cupboard in our back porch. The other shelves held onions and potatoes. We also had the key to the door in their.
Wheyko was a funny parrot (his name meant parrot in an ethnic language). He followed me to school one day and flew into the classroom to land on my head-he loved to perch on heads. I carried him home weeping at the shame of it all. Luckily I only lived up the hill.
I think I still have the scar from when he bit me once- only once. He ended up living in a cage because of his tendency to follow us to school and because my father didn't want to clip his wings. The neighbor boy used to torment him, and if he were out of the cage he would attack the boy. He died when we were gone on vacation.
This week is absolute nuts, and I'm going bananas. I have finals and tons of papers to grade for the AECI, then essays for my 1302 class and exams after this weekend, and a conference all weekend. Luckily my parents are in town to help with the kids, but I don't get to see them much.
Leila is a pill. She likes to say "you're silly, mommy." Grandpa calls her a silly billy, so she returns it.
The preschool just called to say they have an opening, so I'll move her to that instead of MDO. It'll be three days a week but just in the morning.
Ali is a prince among babies- full of laughs and smiles. I think he misses me when I'm gone though, so I'd better get home.

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