Friday, October 07, 2005

Copying Mom

Leila loves to copy me. Yesterday she was repeating everything I said to Habib, until I told him that she was repeating everything I said. One morning while I was putting on makeup, she climbed onto the toilet seat and started doing stuff to her face, too. Last night she was playing by herself and did that again. She moved her hands over her eyes and her lips. I asked her what she was doing and she said something about making eyes and lips. I asked her if mommy makes her lips because I don't- I don't know where she got that. It's funny how she pretends. She was bringing me pancakes last night and we pretended to eat them. Sometimes she's happy just to pretend and doesn't need the real thing.
She's also got such a morning routine down. This morning I got out a spoon for her cereal and when she saw that she wailed. She has to get out the spoon for me and her. It's her contribution. She also has to be the one to turn the light switch the activates the electricity for the t.v. and then she wants to punch the power buttons to activate the whole system. If I try to do it she cries. And, if I'm grinding coffee and forget to call her for help she comes running in like someone is grinding up her heart and insists on helping me hold and shake the grinder. Then she usually wants to smell it.

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