Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Time flies

Wow! I have a baby that's almost three months old and I haven't posted in ages. Ali is big and getting bigger. He "talks" and smiles and laughs alot. Generally he's a very happy baby. In the beginning I wasn't sure that this would be the case. He has gotten a lot easier.
Leila is sweet with him. Sometimes she's jealous of Ali, but she doesn't take it out on him. She asks me to put him down sometimes, or asks for something while I'm feeding him. WIth him however, she is fine. She talks to him, and clicks at him. She loves holding him. I worry that she's going to pick him up on her own. While we were in Calif. she did something that ended with him half off the bed but held by the night table and her crying. He took it in stride. He loves watching his big sister too. She's very interesting.
The poor little guy had a difficult first week of life. I won't go into details of everything about the birth now, but it went okay. I went into labor at work on Friday, but finished what I needed to do before I went home. I kept hoping it was false labor and would go away as my parents were out of town for a funeral. But, Ali wouldn't wait. We went to the birth center about 9, and he was born just after midnight. If I hadn't been trying to slow things down in the beginning, the birth probably would have been faster. Leila stayed with Alba and made for an interesting night for them. We went home the next morning. After two nights of crying and crying we took Ali in for a checkup on Monday. I wanted to get him to the pedi first thing as he was yellow. It turns out the poor guy wasn't getting enough food- he was starving- and he had terrible jaundice. He spent most of his first week lying on a light box. That wasn't fun. But now he's sleeping with us and gaining weight like his sister did.
We went to California to stay with my parents and see my sister and H's brother. Leila had a great time with Grandma. Ali had mamitis and so I spent most of my time holding him. Kath could comfort him pretty well. Grandma gave him baths in the sink. Alba and her daughter came out for the last week and did the hotspots. Then we went to San Diego and saw the in laws.
We've been back about two weeks. I can't believe I have to start school next week. I wish I could stay home with the kids. WIth Leila I looked forward to going back to work, but this time I think I'd rather stay home. I hope H survives two kids!
Leila is talking so much now. The other day she was holding Ali and she said "Big sisters gotch ya." She went to the dentist for her first cavity last week. They gave her something to drink that puts her half to sleep, but she did great. The best two-year-old they've ever worked with, they said. That office is great- Dr. Pearson in Wylie- because they totally spoil the kids: play with them, give them icecream after treatment, and give them great toys. (For some reason Leila is saying "Vamos Baba, vamos." She's speaking more Spanish now- Carla was teaching her in Ca. The other day she said: "Bonos dias, mommy," with that accent, and she talks about "agua." I need to find her a day care for two or three mornings a week.
I can't believe I've gotten this much done this morning- checked email and then this! Wow.

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