Monday, August 22, 2005


I thought that I didn't want to come back to work just because I'm lazy and want to stay home, but it turns out I'm sad to leave my kids who I've spent almost every hour (waking and asleep) with for the past three months. Well, Leila has been going to play at our neighbor's house Monday afternoons and I did leave the kids to get my hair done and to go grocery shopping on two occasions last week, but other than that, they've pretty much been with me. As my friend Alba says, "Ni te dejan cagar." This morning the door opened while I was washing my hair in my early morning because I have to go back to work shower and Leila came in for a chat. I guess it's fair that if I can come in when she's bathing, she can do the same for me. She had just woken up and was looking a bit put out. But I gave her cheers for sleeping all night in her own bed. (A huge blessing.) She said "I'm scared." But I'm hoping she doesn't really know what that means.
She likes pretending to be things. The other day she put the battered and torn laundry basket over her head and said "I'm scary monster," and then "I'm basketball." Was that second a word play? Usually she refers to any ball play as basketball.
Back to pretending and walking in on me in the shower: She also likes to pretend she's people and will say "I Alec" (Her cousin. It's unclear wether she's referring to Alec himself, or Alec's sister Claire who she usually refers to as Alec). One day she was in the bathroom having a mommy bath time chat and she said "I Lewis" (who is a friend of her father's.) I told her if she were Lewis she couldn't be in the bathroom with Mommy. Other times she lets me know she is Leila. The funny thing here is that her father and I pronounce her name in two different ways, and she usually pronounces it a third way, much closer to how strangers misread her name.

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