Friday, May 06, 2005

Recent stuff

I try to remember all the cute things that Leila does.
Not cute: Yesterday morning she woke up early crying. She was trying to go into the bathroom. H put her next to me in bed, and she crawled out and dragged me with her to the bathroom where she tried to take off her pajamas and get into the tub. She wouldn't tell me why. Then she settled for watching a video. I think it had something to do with the trouble she's had pooping. Yesterday was day 4, I think, and she finally got it out.
This morning, however, she was cheerfully awake at 8. She got into bed with me and talked to me- (I've been so tired lately). She said something about cereal and I told her we didn't have any, and she offered "cake" and "chips" as possibilities which I vetoed and then she said something that I didn't really understand. Finally I asked her "breakfast?" and she said "YEAH!" so we got out of bed for a granola bar and milk. Last night and again this morning we played night, night. We close our eyes and snore and then she hits me and says "wake up!" This is a popular game. She and Grandma played a version with her dolls when they were last here.
Leila found a baby bird in the driveway a few days ago. It couldn't really fly yet, and H was worried about Charlie ("carlie, carlie") getting it, so he put it in the vegetable cage in the backyard. The parents were dive bombing H. He found a couple of small worms and fed it, but the bird died in the night, perhaps because of the rain and cold. He felt so bad. Leila saw the dead bird but H said it was sleeping.
Cute: Leila using her fingers to try to wipe away the wrinkles on H's forehead. Leila putting her hands over H's eyes and saying "don't look" after I had done the same to her so that I could kiss him. She closes her eyes to give kisses- I got about 10 this morning when I said goodbye.
She's gotten pretty good at going to bed. Last night she was crying and crying and I told her to come and talk to me and tell me the problem, but she said "no". Finally I went over to where she was in the hallway, and she had put on one of her shoes and was trying to put on the other, but on the wrong feet. I think they were hurting her. I helped her switch, and she was still a little grumpy, so I gave her some milk and teddy and she watched a Dora video. Then I told her it was time for bed and she said "no" but in a nice tone of voice. She let me lead her to brush her teeth and wash her face, and she didn't fuss at pajamas or getting into bed. Of course, everything has to be just right once we get there: covers, teddy, rabbit, milk and water. She can't hold everything and ends up putting them next to her after a while. But she closes her eyes after stories and goes to sleep pretty quickly. The other night she fussed more.
We're working on tone of voice. She used to ask for things in a whiny way, but I model "milk please" in a cheerful tone and it usually works. She brightens up and says "please".
This morning she was holding her doll and gently bouncing her. Then she started jumping up and down. Last night she said the baby was crying, and held her. I hope this means good things as far as the coming infant is concerned.
Speaking of: yesterday I had my 38 week appointment. It had been scheduled for Tuesday but I missed it- forgot completely. I've only gained 1/2 pound to 185.5. The midwife said she was happy that I've only gained 20 lbs, and usually women don't gain the last four weeks. She was surprised that I managed that along with eating ice-cream everyday. Of course, I did buy low fat last time. And I've been a little more careful than I was with Leila (I think). I was worried that the baby hadn't been moving much, and she wanted to put me on a monitor for half an hour, but I didn't have time. So I drank some coffee after lunch and paid attention to the baby's movements and it kicked me 15 times in a row, and did some other moving as well so I quit worrying. The appt. was in the Dr.s offices near the birth center since two women were giving birth at the house. The waiting room was full of people, but I didn't have to wait long- I got there early, but she came for me at 11:30 which was my time. It's such a difference to my visits to Dr. Marcie where I had to wait everytime. I'm glad I've gone the midwife route this time.- It's funny too, because I weigh myself and tell them the results, and usually do my own urine strip test for sugar and protein. At the dr.s they don't trust the patients to tell the truth, I think.
This week has been madly busy at work as I've had listening tapes to grade. Thank God that's done. I have to finish up those grades and then work on pulling my AECI classes together for the sub.

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