Tuesday, April 26, 2005

oh the wierd and wild ways of children

First, something good. Leila was talking to the baby last night- really to my belly button. Maybe she thinks it's some sort of telephone to the baby. I tell her to say hi, and say who she is (big sister or "shishta"). She always puts her hand or my hand over my belly button, which, by the way, hasn't popped out but has flattened quite a bit. Then she gave the baby a kiss (via my bb again) and put her head down in a hug.
Second, the wild wierd ways. Last night around 2 Leila started fussing and crying and saying ouch. H went to get her and bring her into our bed where she usually cuddles up right against, practically pushing me off the bed, and goes to sleep. Last night though she tried to crawl off the bed. I grabbed her and put her in the middle, and she crawled over H and got off the other side. THen she came around to my side, took my hand, and led me back to her bed. That was wierd. We lay down with teddy and rabbit and a sippy cup of water and she started whining for milk. I said no, and she pushed me away. So I said bye-bye and gave her a kiss and sat up. I didn't want to leave because I couldn't believe she really wanted me to. After awhile she started fussing for milk again. Finally I decided to give her some, thinking maybe she was hungry and that's what the "ouch" was about. We lay down again, this time juggling two animals and two sippy cups. That took some doing and fussing over. H told her to be quiet from the other room and she really started crying. Then she wanted more milk. I said no again, and she pushed me away again, and this time I went back to my bed. She didn't leave her bed again or cry out again, though I did hear some sobs before I finally got back to sleep myself. This morning at 7:30 she was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I wasn't of course, and had set my alarm to sleep an hour longer. I managed to close my eyes a bit, but had to keep popping up to do things for her. What a wild one!
It may have had something to do with her pooping problem. She doesn't poop but every two to three days. She pooped Saturday, and I think she pooped Sunday morning, and then nothing until this morning.
I hope this means Leila likes sleeping in her bed by herself now. Somehow I'm not sure it's a permanant thing.
Great news- I will graduate this May. The nice woman at the graduate school only found a few mistakes in my thesis and so I just have to get the final copies to them. YEAH!

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