Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The tadpole

I had a midwife visit last Friday and got Susan, who has the great sense of humor. Everything is fine as usual. She checked my cervix, and felt the baby's head. She also showed me what a perineal massage is, but since it's hard to do on my own and H doesn't want to, she suggested we just have sex. Then she was telling me about how some women's hymens grow back after birth, and I got quite a chuckle out of the whole re-virginizing thing. She said some women don't think it's funny and that's gotten her in trouble.
I'm 36 weeks and the fundus is 36 inches. She thinks the baby is about 6 pounds now, and will grow a lot before the birth. I'm not eating ice-cream everynight anymore. I gained about 5 pounds in two weeks according to their scales. It doesn't seem quite right. I'm almost up to a 20 lb weight gain. I think I gained 30 with Leila and didn't have trouble losing it except for 4 or 5 pounds. Probably because I was breastfeeding I kept that weight.
Anyway, three and a half more weeks if he/she comes on time.
By the way, we've had a girl's name for ages, but I couldn't come up with the second part of a boy's name. One night H suggested Alexander, which is Skander in Arabic. (I don't like men's names in Arabic, but I do like women's). That works very well and I'm relieved not to have that worry anymore. I still tell most people that we're still working on names because I don't think it's any of their business.
A week ago we had dinner at the neighbors, which was fun, and I told them the names. They aren't likely to put in their two cents about why they don't like the name.
Last Sat. we all went to a party at Alba's for Astrid. I can't believe H went, but he likes Alba. We had a good time, and even did some dancing as a family. (I forget how much fun H can have.) On Sunday I couldn't figure out why my legs were so sore, but I think it was the dancing and swinging in the hammock from side to side. I need to do some more of that before the birth.
Susan said to sit like a man to get my muscles going.

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