Friday, April 22, 2005

Good times

Yesterday I passed my thesis defense! There were a couple little changes, and then I handed it in to the graduate school. The person there said I may be able to graduate this May if it's a pretty clean copy, and coming out of the English department, it should be okay!Yeah!
On another note. This morning when I left the house Leila was counting, in Spanish! She got up to 7 and then said 8 in English. We work on counting in English a lot, and she still doesn't completely get it. I don't know where she learned this. TV?
Also, when H went outside for his morning smoke, Leila locked him out of the house. I was in the shower, so luckily he had a key handy. She has been shutting any doors left open for quite a while now- usually the pantry door, or the bathroom. Now she's taken to locking the outside doors as well. The problem is that she can open them, too, I think.

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