Monday, April 18, 2005


The other night at church someone was talking to Leila about sounds that animals make, and I thought she knew duck so I said "quack-quack" to her. A little later someone asked her "who says 'quack-quack' ?" and she said "Mommy."
Last night we walked over to the neighbors for dinner. Leila first thought we were going in the car because I opened the garage to do some laundry before we left. I told her we were going to walk, and went back to the laundry. A few minutes later I realized that she had already taken off. Luckily she hadn't gotten far, and I brought her back and scolded her. Then I went inside for a minute to tell H something, and she went for it again. She is a little too independent. Earlier in the day I was lying in our room and she was playing in the living room. A little bit later I heard a noise on the deck outside and realized she had gone out there. I went out and grabbed her hand and brought her back in (she came uncomplainingly, but did say 'wait, wait' while she went back for her red wagon. She'd been pulling her bear around in the wagon. We need to get key lock bolts for the doors. I know she can close them by herself now, and I think she can open the bolts, too. It's scary.
We had a great time at dinner. Around nine we said to Leila, do you want to go bye-bye? because it was time for their little boy to go to bed, and time to settle her in as well. H carried her home without shoes, and she insisted on having her shoes put on when she got home. Then she went to the door and was very upset that we weren't leaving. Finally, H took her to the store with him. I think that to her bye-bye means getting in the car and going somewhere far. Just leaving one house and walking next door to ours didn't cut it for her.
My thesis defense is Thursday! Yeah! I should get it done before this next little one comes along.

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