Sunday, February 13, 2005


Right now I am sooo frustrated. Everytime I get ready to work on my thesis, something happens. Pretty soon I'm going to be another semester gone and having to pay again. Help! Today I decided to work at home but I can't get into my work email which is where I have a copy of my work. ARGHHHH. I don't want to go into the office. I guess I'd better do some other stuff while Leila is asleep and then find time tomorrow. However, there is no time tomorrow.
ANd, I'm pissed off at Nikon cause the camera I spent tons on three years ago is a lemon and they won't fix it! So, that's another stress to work on.
But, this blog is about Leila and the baby. I'm eating lots of vegetables, or trying to, as the midwife instructed. The exercising isn't really happening unless you count the walking at the stores. Okay, vent over.
Leila likes to crawl around on her hands and knees sometimes. I've been saying "here kitty" and calling her a cat when she does, but I wasn't sure she was getting the idea. Yesterday I called her a dog, and she said no, cat! and meowed for me. H has been playing a game with her where they look at pictures of animals and he says that a cat is a duck. She says "no, no, no." and he asks her where the duck is. She'll repeat "wen Duck?" and lift up her hands and shoulders. She does that alot now. (Arabic, not a mispronunciation).
The parental units are coming for a visit, so I need to do some prep work, like buy a coffee maker to replace the one that Leila broke. (I had a feeling the carafe wasn't safe that close to the edge.)
This morning she woke up early. H had stayed up late working, so he didn't get up with her. I begrudgingly did, but lay down on the chaise and napped. She managed to get out of her sleeper, except the feet, and take off most of her diaper. I got her a new one. After I had gone back to sleep she got into my purse and took out my glasses and bent them. I was in a really bad mood after that happened, especially because H had not done much to stop her. She ran off when he tried to take them and he didn't follow. Then he told me it was my fault because I left the purse where she could get it. Luckily for him, he fixed them and they seem fine. Leila gave me some nice hugs when I got up again.

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